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All Natural Cleaners & Beauty Products DIY

I have been asked over the last several months to create a blog on my site that friends, family and my cleaning customers can refer to make some of the cleaning products I use in my cleaning business.

I have tried quite a few different recipes over the years to find ones that are convenient, that travel easy for my business and that work well.

Some of the recipes I list I make and sell. Some are easy DIY at home recipes that you can use, and I have used with great success.

My goal is to give everyone the keys to having a chemical free home or office and beauty products that are not harmful to the environment or to ourselves. My wish is for everyone to see that you do not have to use harsh chemicals to have a clean home or beautiful skin and hair.

My journey started 6 years ago with having a chemical free home when my children and myself included got diagnosed with asthma. Using all these chemicals to clean on a daily basis did affect us. Once we switched, we did notice an improvement to our wellbeing.

Once I became diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015 my passion for finding new and alternative ways to naturally clean my home, customers’ homes, offices then extending the natural regimen to finding and making organic /natural beauty products to use on myself, and my family. This approach became paramount to living a healthier life for myself and my family.

My passion extends to educating and giving everyone the tools to finding better alternatives.

I hope you find in the upcoming posts some new ways to make your home chemical free or new beauty product you can DIY.

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