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Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaners Part 1

We all like to have our bathrooms smelling clean and fresh without all those harmful chemicals in regular cleaners, plus we all like it to be simple yet effective in the process. In my Natural cleaning business I have tried and tested these diffferent recipes for making your toilet bowl clean.

Toilet Bowl Powder


Mix all ingredients in bowl .

Place in shaker bottle . ( for shaker bottle like the one pictured above , I like to repurpose and resuse , like grated cheese shaker, be sure to wash and dry throughly)

Label It well. It does not have to be a fancy pretty label. It can be something simple like this.

I use the clay one because it is a great detoxifier, plus clay is a very mild non abrasive srub. You can also use which ever essential oil you love . I use lavender and tea tree . they smell great together plus these are antiviral, antifungul and and antibacterial. I like to eliminate any bug or bacteria on bathroom surfaces. I tend to use essential oils that have these properties.

Stay tuned for part 2 Toilet Bomb/Fizzy!

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